For years Audi had focused on exciting entertaining content directed at prospective customers, pre-sales. However, once customers turned into owners, they were faced with the most boring content imaginable. Ownership felt like a chore.

Loyalty was turning into a real business problem without owner engagement that paralleled the pre-sales brand experience.


Target Audi owners around Audi's services, on the My Audi customer portal to drive engagement.


Turn boring article pages and annoyingly complicated pdfs of customer information onsite into engaging, humorous films that owners will want to engage with.

The Idea:

My Audi Tutorials - The ultimate tutorial series that showed customers how to do everything from fitting bike racks to child seats and checking tyre pressure or even adding snow chains.

Anchored by the famous Le Mans Pit Stop Crew each tutorial plays out in awesome slo-mo, with some nifty Audi accessories and information graphics you won't want to miss.

MyAudi Tutorials reinvents the boring tutorial, turning it into epic shareable fun.

Each video in turn linked to the relevant product within the Audi Accessories section onsite to drive upsell.

The Results:

Customer engagement rose with over forty thousand views for the MyAudi Tutorials on the customer portal.


Episode 01: Child Seat

With support leg, locking arms and connectors, we ensure your child's safety. How to easily install the ISOFIX base and the Audi child seat we'll present you in this tutorial video.

Episode 02: Snow Chains

Nothing is simpler than applying Audi snow chains. In the snow and freezing cold, every move should be seamless though – better have a close look at this tutorial video to be prepared for when you need it.

Episode 03: Bike Rack

"With the Audi bike rack you can take your bikes piggyback. And still load your boot - both within seconds. How to do this? You'll find out in this tutorial video."

The Case Film

The Audi rooftop racks and the Audi ski- and luggage box are quickly and easily installed. How you expand the transportation possibilities of your vehicle with little effort, will be presented in this tutorial.